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Grease Trap Supply

Grease Trap Supply is the leading online distributor of grease traps. Grease traps are commonly found in restaurants, fast food chains, mall snack shops, and other food related businesses. It is standard procedure and often a requirement to have a grease trap installed in any location where food is being prepared. A grease trap will eliminate grease and oil from wastewater which is exiting a building.

How Grease Traps Work
Grease Traps slow the flow of wastewater with the use of a holding tank. When the water is slowed down it cools and allows the grease to separate from the water. The cooled water is then allowed to exit the grease trap while the grease is captured.
Grease Trap Sizing
  The size of a grease trap required depends upon the amount of waste that is produced by a given facility. To determine the correct size grease trap use the dimensions of the waste sinks.  Grease traps are differentiated by their pounds and gallons per minute. Grease Traps may be placed under the sink or they may be buried.

To determine which Grease Trap you will need:
  • Multiply the length (inches) * width (inches) * height (inches) of the sink (if their are multiple sinks - find the area of each sink and add them up)
  • Multiply this number by .003
  • This number is equal to the gpm number shown for each grease trap. (if there is a relatively low level of grease you may divide this number by two)
  • The Grease Trap selected should cover at least that level of gpm.
  An example:

We have one sink the length is 40 inches, the width is 12 inches, and the height is 12 inches.

  1. 40*12*12 = 5760
  2. 5760*.003 = 17.28gpm

    (In this case the appropriate grease trap is the GT2700-20, 20 gpm grease trap)
  Another example:

We have two sinks, one is 30 inches high, 10 inches wide, 10 inches high and the other is 40 x 10 x 10.

  1. 30*10*10 = 3000
  2. 40*10*10 = 4000, (4000+3000 = 7000 for both sinks)
  3. 7000*.003 = 21gpm

    (In this case the appropriate grease trap is the GT2700-25, 25gpm grease trap)
  Zurn Grease Traps
Zurn is a quality manufacturer of plumbing products.  Zurn Grease Traps are widely used in the food industry. We have not had a single return of a Zurn Grease Trap due to malfunction. The *Low Price Guarantee *applies to all Zurn Grease Traps. *FREE Shipping* is applied to all Zurn Grease Traps over $300.

  Grease Trap Sizing and Installation
  Grease Trap Sizing - PDI Method (Using Sink Dimensions)
Grease Trap Sizing - PDI Method (Using Sink Volume)
Grease Trap Installation Instructions
Specification Sheet
Colorado State Bulletin on Grease Traps
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